K-Drama / Hollywood Rant *annoyed*

So… since Hollywood keeps noticing that people my age are watching more Korean Dramas rather than the slutty crap shows on cable, they’re gonna buy the rights to all these Korean dramas and make a crappy rewritten English versions.

Believe me, we all know that all they’re gonna do is add a bunch of sex into it and call it original.  Like c’mon Hollywood. Can’t come up with you’re own storylines? Gotta buy the rights to other country’s entertainment plots to make money now?  :/

I’m so disgusted right now. Stop dipping your hands into other countries trends and try to make money off it when all you’re gonna due is mess it up and give the original a bad reputation because most Americans are too lazy to look up real facts.

First you f*cked up anime and cosplay. Now you’re gonna f*ck up their television shows.

Making forest costume for Maryland Rennfaire. :) Next, make-up tests~~~ ^.^

Making forest costume for Maryland Rennfaire. :) Next, make-up tests~~~ ^.^

Otakon 2014 - Outer Senshi Photoset 7/? Cosplay Shenanigans

Sailor Uranus:
mirdominance |  FB: Mir Dominance Cosplay  |  DA: animeobsession02

Sailor Saturn: 
FB: Lunatique Cosplay  |  DA: akabarayashi

Helios / Pegasus:
FB: AkaneSaotone Cosplay  |  DA: lilimortal

I think I referred Changmin as my brother, a member (of Tohoshinki) in the past… and also I said that he was like a partner that I married to… But now I think about him as an alternate version of me, myself. Some parts of him that I long for/adore… Changmin is completely different from me. His personality and habits are really different from mine. In these days, instead of treating him as a companion/partner, I want to say that he is mine. And… this is very difficult for me to explain… (laugh).. well, Yes, I want to make him mine.  -– Yunho talking about his relationship with Changmin 

 trans cr: boomjagalakaberiko0214

It’s quite interesting because Jaejoong speaks the same way about Junsu and Yoochun during interviews. They are mine [his]. It’s like both former parents of ‘TVXQ as 5’ are taking good care of the 3 separated kids and are very protective and possessive of them. :)

 when 4D JaeJoong at a fansign event