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A very productive Saturday. My Sailor Uranus [fuku not pictured] is complete and I finished the Sailor Pluto and Sailor Neptune commissions for friends in time for Otakon. [Not everything is photographed. Didn’t have time and had to get the commissions out the door.]

So happy with how the shoes turned out! Figured out a good way to underbase and then coat the shoe so that the spray paint wont crack and last longer. Will post more worn costest pictures sometime this week or next weekend!

"How could you smile when that guy came into this room, when he’s the one you need to kick out?"

The Vision of Escaflowne Rewatch - Episode 04: "The Diabolic Adonis"

"There's nothing brave about rashly choosing to die!"


Selling some of my TVXQ doubles. I am an avid TVXQ collector and I’m finally letting go of my precious doubles from before their break up. OTL… I’m moving soon, so I need these to go to make room. :)

Message me (Ask Me) if you’re interested. I am willing to sell at the lowest bidding price listed on my ebay pages w/ free shipping within the US. I do not ship overseas. 

These just need to go. If you’d like to buy, I will take down the ebay page and just send Paypal Invoice so you can just buy it now. :)

Selling Feedback: 100% Positive on ebay and my personal blog


TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert Mirotic Photobook

Tohoshinki 2nd Photobook SHINE Artist Book

Tohoshinki OTAKARA Photobook Artist Book


Tohoshinki Japanese Single Mirotic CD+DVD First Press w/ JUNSU Photocard

Tohoshinki Japanese Single Survivor CD+DVD

Tohoshinki Japanese Single Beautiful you CD+DVD First Press Korean Version w/ YUNHO Photocard

Japanese Magazines WITH POSTERS
*prices can be negotiated down a bit with these*

Arena37c J-Magazine September 2009 Acid Black Cherry GACKT TVXQ
w/ Acid Black Cherry Poster

Arena37c J-Magazine January 2008 Gazette X Japan Tohoshinki
w/ Gazette Double Sided Poster

hoon finally cut his hair ヽ(;▽;)ノ